The Intern

I watched the movie “The Intern”. I should watch it more earlier.

Ben is my ideal man. I think that I wanna be gentleman like him deeply.

It’s my perspective about myself, I am a person that kind of Jules now.
I’ve be trying to keep going in the way I believed it was correct. And I guess I’m looked busy from other persons. It might makes them feel to be I don’t wanna be like me.

However, busy is normally things for me. Stopping is scary. Of course, I know this is not correctly for everyone. This is just my opinion.

I’ve taken much risks until now and I’ve respond to expectations that from around. I noticed my talent. My talent is finding a critical issue in its situation and coming up with a solution soon.
It’s not that I’m bragging about my talent. Everyone has unique skills and talents. But my talent was too useful for my job. Many Japanese people feel scary when see a someone kind of perfect.
I’m not perfect but looks like it from the surroundings. I try to talk just correct things because I have subordinates and I assume responsibility that protect or keep them safe. It makes them accelerate feeling me flawless additionaly.

This is my role. I’ll keep doing even if all people leave from me.
But the movie made me notice it’s wrong. Ben can see through what other person want to. And he execute it smartly and modesty. He don’t makes others scary and Their work is going well more than more. This is ideal supervisor I feel.